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We hope that you enjoy The Heart Gallery NYC Photo Exhibit. While the adoptability status of the children featured on this Web site may change daily, please remember that there are many children that need the love and security of a "Forever Family." Please click on each child's photo for more information, and to watch a video of the child.

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Damian is a teenage boy who enjoys playing basketball, video games, listening to the radio, dancing, playing musical instruments and participating in arts & crafts. He possesses skills in these areas as he can color well and carry a simple beat. Helping others is something he loves to do, as well as doing chores! To express himself, Damian has learned ways to make utterances and use some basic sign language. He likes to participate in activities and is sociable with adults and peers. Damian loves to be the center of attention, and because of this, requires a great deal of supervision. He attends school year round and currently receives Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapies. Damian has a brother and contact should be maintained. A strong two parent family with older children would be the perfect "forever family" for Damian. Please consider opening your heart and home to provide Damian with the love he deserves.
Photo By Philip Mauro