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We hope that you enjoy The Heart Gallery NYC Photo Exhibit. While the adoptability status of the children featured on this Web site may change daily, please remember that there are many children that need the love and security of a "Forever Family." Please click on each child's photo for more information, and to watch a video of the child.

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Patrick is an energetic teenager who never stops smiling and is always on the move. He utilizes a wheelchair to ambulate, but can navigate his environment independently. Patrick enjoys exploring and interacting with his peers, especially if they are spinning his wheelchair! He attends a year-round special education program where he receives services such as physical therapy to help him gain independence. Patrick loves watching SpongeBob, playing in Bounce Houses, and getting hugs and affection! He would succeed in a structured home environment with a parent who can dedicate time, patience and effort to his special needs. Most of all, Patrick hopes for a "forever family" to love him.
Photo By Joseph Michael